Saturday, 26 April 2014

Brilliant Internship at Owens and Kim London

In February 2014 I completed an internship at Owens and Kim Ltd in London. 

I am so thankful for Owens and Kim giving me the opportunity to intern with them, I learnt a lot and met very talented fashion print designers. I am returning to Owens and Kim during the Summer for a longer internship throughout August and I can't wait!

Owens ad Kim Website:

Thankyou Card and Present I received from the Team!

Development Interiors Project

I am really enjoying this project and feel I have my own style really developing through all of my work. I am currently working on my finals of A1 and Length designs for wallpaper.

I wanted to created artistic wallpaper for more commercial spaces such as cafes, bars and shops. 

LOVE how colourful and bright my work bay has become over this interiors project, I feel so inspired by all the different textures and patterns.

Section of my work bay at Cleveland College of Art and Design

These are a few development pieces of colour ways for wallpaper samples.

I am going on to develop my collection with texture, looking into flocking and minor foam. This will create depth and interest to the wallpaper designs.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Interiors Project Development

Interiors Project Development

Sketchbook Pages

 Here are layers of backgrounds, textures and Koda traces: I am going to experiment with these using minor foam, spandex binder, stitch and screen-printing. I love the bright and bold colours I have been working with and really want this to develop into the final collection.

Selection of Collection Development

Friday, 28 February 2014

Interiors Project:: Work Bay&Inspiration

Work Bay&Inspiration

Beginnings of my project:: Inspiration from Designers such as Timorous Beasties & Emma Bridgewater (Splatter) & Bor√•stapeter Wallpapers (Poetry)

Photo section of my work bay

Love the Big Bold Colour Impact and want to follow this through to my designs. I have also included collage, torn paper, my own photographs and rusty tools from a local antique store.

Interios:: Urban Decay&Texture

Interiors Project

Decay. Texture. Urban. Abstract. Bright.

Photos taken around Hartlepool area.

Creative textures and lines, shown through decay and neglect on urban architecture. 
Impacting bold Colours, Neons, luminous.
Layers, mark making, textures, splashes, linear.
Combining the precise and the Abstract.  

Friday, 24 January 2014

Fashion Fabrics Finals Level 5

Fashion Fabric Finals

From my concept through development, I experimented with colour, dyes and different types of fabrics.
I chose to use Silks for my finals, I found this was more suited for my target mark. The luxury and quality in silks are beautiful to work with and dye.
Silk crepe de chine, Silk habotai, Silk twill and Silk organza.

I digitally printed two of my designs and hand dyed/printed two others.
I used software such as photoshop throughout this project and I have grown a lot more confident in using digital application.

These are my final fabrics before University Deadline.
I added hand painting into these as well as hand embroidery with various threads including metallic and UV reactive.

Fashion Fabrics Project Level 5

Fashion Project University

Concept: Delicate Mechanics

This project was to focus on the digital application process.

I chose to use gorgeous intricate bulbs I found in a flea market when on a University trip to New York.
The strange shapes, lines and detail were perfect for the concept I decided to work with.
Transparency, Construction, Intricate, Illustrative, Mechanical.

I wanted to combine mechanical everyday objects, delicate fabrics and intricate drawings.
This was to work alongside a trend for Spring/Summer 2015 on WGSN.

The Colours were cool blues, greys with the occasional flash of bright yellow
Above: Initial Concept Board

Research Board:
I wanted to focus on high-end couture fashion.
This is the target market which sets the standards and starts the latest trends and hughes quality.

Images included Collezioni Magazine, Textiles Trend Report, Mary Katrantzou, Peter Pilotto and New Designers London are also influenced.