Friday, 20 September 2013

Ready for Monday ...

 Getting all ready and set up for Monday, this is my new studio bay for Year2 CCAD !!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New University Term Starts ... Year2

Wow ... the Summer has just flown !

Ive been inspired by so much:

New Designers Exhibition in London 
This is filled with creativity and innovation! A place where all the highly recommended newly graduated students of Universities around the UK come together under roof to showcase there talent and collections.

SURTEX in New York
Breathtaking talent and such a variety of fashion, prints && giftware.

MOMA New York
MET New York
HighLine New York
Saitaire, SaltsMill - Cloth & Memory Exhibition
Various Museums & Exhibitons
Tunisian Markets

Ive also been on the search for fabulous Flea Markets
I am so inspired by flea markets as you never know what your going to find, see and stubble across, Old or New!

I am also inspired by Haute Couture.

Now the real work begins ... Back to University with a box full of flea market finds, magazine and book cut outs of designers, couture pieces and inspiration.

Lets see what the next year brings !