Careers and Report Topics - Level 5

Within the textiles industry there are so many different routes and careers you could go into. Professional Studies looks into the different roles, gaining knowledge of the industry, opportunities and what we need to do to achieves these.

The Report: word count has to be 2500 words on a negotiated aspect of professional practice. This is to be factual, (not written like an essay!) professionally presented and visual.

Possible Topics:

- A work placement
- A textile trade show
- Business plan or proposal
- Plan or route after university
- How to become self employed
- Shop report
- Report on a selected company or designer

Throughout this report I have to collect and analyse data, discuss the strengths and weakness between the different options and make an informed decision which will benefit the route I will choose to be the best.

The places that I will look for research and information will be:
- Creative boom:
- Your creative future

During this session we focused on different careers within textiles and the creative industry:

Becoming self employed:
You would need to be able to network with people, companies and designers in the industry. Have access to a studio or work from home. Be confident to meet with possible clients, promoting yourself, design and make independently. Work out own tax, finance etc and Manage money well as there would be no regular income.

Magazine Stylist:
Start by applying for internships, work experience. Interest and have a wide knowledge of magazines and publications. Be confident with mood boards, trends, keeping up with latest catwalks, collections and upcoming designers. You would have to be able to work under pressure, to a brief and tight deadlines.

Studio Designer:
Have knowledge about what is going on within the industry and current trends. Work within a design team or alone, confident with different techniques such as printing, photoshop, illustrator etc. 

During the next few weeks I am going to find a topic that I am really interested in and will start collecting research and data for my own Report.

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