Friday, 28 February 2014

Interiors Project:: Work Bay&Inspiration

Work Bay&Inspiration

Beginnings of my project:: Inspiration from Designers such as Timorous Beasties & Emma Bridgewater (Splatter) & Bor√•stapeter Wallpapers (Poetry)

Photo section of my work bay

Love the Big Bold Colour Impact and want to follow this through to my designs. I have also included collage, torn paper, my own photographs and rusty tools from a local antique store.

Interios:: Urban Decay&Texture

Interiors Project

Decay. Texture. Urban. Abstract. Bright.

Photos taken around Hartlepool area.

Creative textures and lines, shown through decay and neglect on urban architecture. 
Impacting bold Colours, Neons, luminous.
Layers, mark making, textures, splashes, linear.
Combining the precise and the Abstract.