Covering Letter, Job Interview

Covering Letter


If selected they have already decided and selected that you could be right for the role.

Research into the company. Plan answers

Body Language and communication, show confidence

Typical interview questions:
Tell me about yourself?
Strengths, likes relation to the role

Our Company?
This is when to show your research

5Years time?

What do you think you can offer the company and role?

Presentation - smart, how you show yourself.

Relevant experience, jobs, academic qualification, work criteria.

Sell yourself - good points, also positive

What NOT to do in an interview
Be selective, do not want to look arrogant and cocky.
Don't get too flustered, nervous
Do not criticise your previous employers

Give yourself time to avoid being late through traffic etc.
Relax and Be yourself

Single interview - one to one
Panel interview - four to eight people in front of you
Sequential interview - lots of different people interview you separately

Ask for specific skills:
Self awareness
Willing to learn
Interpersonal skills

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