Pricing of Work, Invoices & Contracts - Level 5

Pricing Work

There are many things to consider when selling and pricing work:
Professional presentation
Sold or shown at an exhibit as a collection ( 4 pieces or more)
Imagery cannot be repeated over any designs as this could lead to copyright issues

Wholesale price
This when the item/collection is being sold by a retailer or distributor and a reduced cost, usually buying in bulk. This way the retailer can then put there margin ontop for the customer, in return of profit.

Retail price
This is the price that the general consumer would pay for a product to take home. This will be of higher value so ensure the designer, retailer etc have all made profit.

The Wholesale price is usually over double the wholesale price + VAT

This sheet helps work out all the costs to produce a design or product.


When selling your product you need to give the customer/client an invoice:

Letter headed paper of your company and date. This should also include your company name, contact details such as telephone number, contact address, contact e-mail and website.
Invoice number and VAT registration.
Customers details and payment terms (how long the customer/client has to pay the amount).

Description of the product and quantity.
Unit price, VAT then TOTAL.
Plus any additions such as Postage and Packaging.

This maybe be e-mailed or posted.


Website ACID
Anti-Copying in Design

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