Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Project:: Finals in the making!

I have finally started my Final Collection, I have chosen to do three final designs.
These designs have the colour palette of blackcurrant purple, bright yellow, lime green and orange.

The final designs are very bold&block colours, which I love and represent sculpture in a modern way. 

So My days are filled with ... Hand and Machine Embroidery, Samples, Thread and Fabrics.
My Sewing Machine and lots of Tea :)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Development: Embellishment Project...

At the moment I am starting to choose fabrics as well as the colours. I am wanting a very bold and block colour theme going through as I feel this will really represent the concept 'Sculptural' in a modern way.
The colours that are really catching my attention are;

Bright Yellow Lime Green Orange
Magenta Red Blackcurrant Olive Green.

I was going to do the main fabric of the skirt the same colour for all final designs, however I feel that doing each design a different colour but having the same colour theme running throughout, the collection will be more effective!
At the moment I am still experimenting with colours but for the THREE final Skirt designs, I may do the background colours Yellow, Lime Green and Orange.
I have found that the Hot Dye baths are much better (Lime Green). The colours are much more intense and even throughout the fabric rather than the Cold Dye baths. When it comes to the final dyeing of fabrics I will be doing them all in the Hot Dye baths.
Here are a few samples I have already dyed:

I am going to continue dyeing and experimenting for my final designs...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Embellishment Project Research.

New Project.

During this project I will be recording all of my progress throughout on this blog!
Final Outcome: Minimum of 3 Garment shapes, presentated as a Collection.
(choose either from a A-line Skirt, Dress, Full Circle Skirt, or various Top Styles.)
The Garments will be fully embellished, using fabric manipulation, applique, hand and machine embroidery.
The main subject of our garments is Florals.
Also everybody in the class is given a 'word', this is to form our individual concepts for this project. Mine is ...
I have started to gather research from different fashion designers, haute couture magazines, also past projects I have done. These all include embellishment, fabric manipulation, floral shapes and sculptural features.
I was also instructed to make a 'Drawing Set' and from this I have been drawing exotic flowers, fabric and sculptural stands.
Im going to concentrate on the natural curves and sculpture made by flowers in a modern way.
I may progress into pleats, folds, layers.
 Next I will be choosing my garment shape to start my development and designing from the drawings I have produced.
Very Exciting...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Print & Embellishment

Project Print and Embellishment.

Started: Visual Language, looking at many objects that differed every session.
Plants, flowers, cups, saucers, plates ...

This was then developed throughout my sketchbook to look at combining these drawings for layouts, I produced over 15 A2 sheets. 
The First module was purely focused on the Visual Language aspect. This was my first Hand-in at University I achieved 65%. I was extremely happy with this result!

From these drawings I developed to the next module for Print and Embellishment.
The brief stated that the outcome had to be a minimum of 5 printed fabrics and a minimum of 3 embroideries. (Both had to be shown as collections.)


I chose specific images to produce my silk screen to enable me to Print.
I used different types of dyes and printing pastes: Procion. Acid. Pigment. Puff. Foils. Heat Transfer.
As well as using the Silk screen to print, I hand painted many of my designs. I love the delicacy of small colours being added that can really add to the design.

I focused on Blues, Greens and yellows in my Final Collection of Prints

These are some of my final designs, I printed on fabrics that were cotton, silk and linen. I love the feel of natural fabrics and they take the prints and dyes so well.

This is part of my full Final Collection.
Out of the 8 prints I produced ...
SIX got choosen to be taken by our University to ...
Indigo - Premier Vision in PARIS Feb 2013 !!

I couldn't be more happier that my designs have been chosen, being in my First year at university this is amazing news.


I produced 3 final embroidery that were around size A3. I am so pleased with how they have turned out. I did different types of appliqué, machine embroidery, hand embroidery, couching and whipping stitch. I have a real passion for embroidery and love the feel of texture and building up section section.

This is One part of my Final Collection.
Out of the 3 prints I produced ...
THREE got choosen to be taken by our University to ...
Indigo - Premier Vision in PARIS Feb 2013 !!

For this Module that was recently Completed January 2013, 
The Grade i received was... 75%.

I really enjoyed every aspect of the project learning new skills and developing my designing.
Hopefully I will receive positive feedback from Indigo.


Insect Inspired Textiles

        Insect Inspired.  This is a Textile garment 2piece that was inspired by the Insect form, shape and textures on the surface. 

I loved this project. 

This was my Final Major Project during my time at YorkCollege studying Foundation Art & Design Diploma Course (2011/2012) I was given an open brief, that gave me so such fun thinking of the concept, drawing and developing ideas within my sketchbook. I focused on the shapes in insects, wings, beetle shapes as well as Couture fashion that was also inspired by insects and the nature world.

I dyed all the fabrics by hand, mixing and experimenting with shades, timing and different types of 
The black print throughout this garment was done by hand cutting Lino, I also had to make a mirror-image Lino print so then I could make this into a repeated pattern. As well as the garment i also produced A1 sheets of the Lino print to show in an interior setting or could also be a full fabric design 
or border.
The top garment base was a simple structure for a waistcoat/jacket that has concealed buttons as the fastening. The Skirt was a straight skirt pattern that was fastened by a zip that diagonally sits across the front. The fabric was then Lino Printed through a Press with Black ink.

From this I developed and layered each section, this included machine stitching, embroidery, fabric manipulation, hand embroidery and embellishments.
Throughout the research i found the colours were so bright! So I really wanted to capture this ...

I Love the final piece that was produced from this project, all the handwork, research, development and sketchbook designs definitely were worth every moment. 
With this project I achieved a High Distinction. This then led me to applying to University and after the interviews and offers I chose:

 Cleveland College of Art and Design
BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design