Sunday, 3 February 2013

Insect Inspired Textiles

        Insect Inspired.  This is a Textile garment 2piece that was inspired by the Insect form, shape and textures on the surface. 

I loved this project. 

This was my Final Major Project during my time at YorkCollege studying Foundation Art & Design Diploma Course (2011/2012) I was given an open brief, that gave me so such fun thinking of the concept, drawing and developing ideas within my sketchbook. I focused on the shapes in insects, wings, beetle shapes as well as Couture fashion that was also inspired by insects and the nature world.

I dyed all the fabrics by hand, mixing and experimenting with shades, timing and different types of 
The black print throughout this garment was done by hand cutting Lino, I also had to make a mirror-image Lino print so then I could make this into a repeated pattern. As well as the garment i also produced A1 sheets of the Lino print to show in an interior setting or could also be a full fabric design 
or border.
The top garment base was a simple structure for a waistcoat/jacket that has concealed buttons as the fastening. The Skirt was a straight skirt pattern that was fastened by a zip that diagonally sits across the front. The fabric was then Lino Printed through a Press with Black ink.

From this I developed and layered each section, this included machine stitching, embroidery, fabric manipulation, hand embroidery and embellishments.
Throughout the research i found the colours were so bright! So I really wanted to capture this ...

I Love the final piece that was produced from this project, all the handwork, research, development and sketchbook designs definitely were worth every moment. 
With this project I achieved a High Distinction. This then led me to applying to University and after the interviews and offers I chose:

 Cleveland College of Art and Design
BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design

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