Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Embellishment Project Research.

New Project.

During this project I will be recording all of my progress throughout on this blog!
Final Outcome: Minimum of 3 Garment shapes, presentated as a Collection.
(choose either from a A-line Skirt, Dress, Full Circle Skirt, or various Top Styles.)
The Garments will be fully embellished, using fabric manipulation, applique, hand and machine embroidery.
The main subject of our garments is Florals.
Also everybody in the class is given a 'word', this is to form our individual concepts for this project. Mine is ...
I have started to gather research from different fashion designers, haute couture magazines, also past projects I have done. These all include embellishment, fabric manipulation, floral shapes and sculptural features.
I was also instructed to make a 'Drawing Set' and from this I have been drawing exotic flowers, fabric and sculptural stands.
Im going to concentrate on the natural curves and sculpture made by flowers in a modern way.
I may progress into pleats, folds, layers.
 Next I will be choosing my garment shape to start my development and designing from the drawings I have produced.
Very Exciting...

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