Thursday, 14 February 2013

Development: Embellishment Project...

At the moment I am starting to choose fabrics as well as the colours. I am wanting a very bold and block colour theme going through as I feel this will really represent the concept 'Sculptural' in a modern way.
The colours that are really catching my attention are;

Bright Yellow Lime Green Orange
Magenta Red Blackcurrant Olive Green.

I was going to do the main fabric of the skirt the same colour for all final designs, however I feel that doing each design a different colour but having the same colour theme running throughout, the collection will be more effective!
At the moment I am still experimenting with colours but for the THREE final Skirt designs, I may do the background colours Yellow, Lime Green and Orange.
I have found that the Hot Dye baths are much better (Lime Green). The colours are much more intense and even throughout the fabric rather than the Cold Dye baths. When it comes to the final dyeing of fabrics I will be doing them all in the Hot Dye baths.
Here are a few samples I have already dyed:

I am going to continue dyeing and experimenting for my final designs...

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